Filling out this preliminary questionnaire is an important part of the website design & development process. It helps organize the goals for your project in a way that we can understand and use to accurately provide you with a proposal.

Please fill out this document to the best of your knowledge. Please try to answer all questions. Once we get all of the information we need, we can begin preparing a proposal and set up a free consultation to get into the specifics.

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Contact Name:your full name
Business Name:your full name
Phone:your full name
Address:your full name
About Your Business
Business Descriptionmore details
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Website Hosting / Domain Name
Do You Have a Domain Name?pick one!
Do You Have Website Hosting?pick one!
Domain Nameyour domain name
Web Hosting Companyyour domain name
Check Onepick one!
About Your Website
Intended launch date?
Your Budget for This Project ?
What is your main goal for this redesign ?E.g better user experiences, update look and feel, target different audience etc.
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What aspects of your current Website do you feel are successful, and why ?
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Do you plan to use content from the existing Website, and if so, which portions ?
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Briefly describe your concept for the Website. What service should it provide ?
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Describe a typical user who will visit your Site.Include gender, age range, location, level of internet experience etc.
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What action(s) should a user perform when visiting your site ?E.g search for information, sign up for an account, purchase a product or service
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What are the key reason why the target user chooses your products or services:E.g. cost, service, value etc.
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Do you know how many people visit your site each day, week or month ? If so, please state:
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Website Content
Please identify any pages or features you envision as part of your Website:pick one!
Please list any additional features or custom pages you would like added.
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Content Management
How often will you need to update the Website content:pick one!
How many content pages do you expect to publish on your site each month ?
Who would you like to be responsible for the updates?pick one!
Website Design/Style
Use words to describe the look and feel you want:E.g. Clean, Balanced, Modern, Friendly, Corporate
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Is there a specific theme you had in mind to incorporate into the Website ?
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Do you have any ideas on the color scheme of your website?
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Do you have existing business cards or other printed materials we need to match ?
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Please provide a list of Websites you like or dont like and reasons for the same:
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Please provide a list of competitor's Websites:
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Navigation (main menu):pick one!
Do you have a logo ?pick one!
If Yes, do you have a digital copy of your logo ?pick one!
Have you identified a tagline ?
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List any important words you want people to associate with your company image/brand:
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Do you have images for your website ?pick one!
If Yes, do you have the images in digital form ?pick one!
Do you have graphics or other artwork for your website:pick one!
If Yes, do you have the graphics in digital form ?pick one!
Please share any other details/questions here that were not covered in this questionnairemore details
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