One way to ensure a successful business is to get into the social networking world and make a Facebook Fanpage. Facebook is the largest social media network on the market as of today. When Facebook was created by a student for the students, its sole purpose was to create a line of communication. As long as you had a .edu email address you were in. That was in 2003. Now, Facebook has revolutionized itself as more than just a page for friends.

As of 2010 Facebook had reported to have over 500 million active members. In that sentence alone you should realize exactly why your business should have a Fanpage. Where else could a business be exposed to over 500 million users at one click of a status update? Of course flyers are nice and advertisements in magazines are all well and good, but think about it, when was the last time you bought a magazine compared to the last time you signed onto Facebook. The odds are you have signed onto Facebook more times in one month than the amount of magazines you have purchased in the last year. Companies pay television networks thousands of dollars to advertise their product in a commercial that lasts 30 seconds. A Fanpage on Facebook will last forever and it is free!

Social Networking is the key to the success of a new business or the revitalization of a current one. Statistics show that average Facebook users spend about twenty-one minutes plus per day on the online social network and visit at least four times per day. Now this is just the average user, not the Farmville addicts, stay at home moms, or the teens that are on Facebook after school until they have looked at every last picture and status update possible. Exposure to a business is the key point and a Fanpage is a way to get that exposure.

What is a Facebook Fanpage? It is a page for users to visit when they are interested in a business, product, company, or artist. All the user has to do is press the LIKE button and by liking the page they can receive updates on a business, information, and whatever else that particular business would want the user to know. Once the user has “liked” the page, the user can suggest it to other friends of theirs on Facebook. Ultimately, Fanpages have become the new way to spread information at a fast rate. Word of a business can travel faster than ever imagined and that’s one of the things a business needs to be successful, people talking about it. At the end of the day, creating a Facebook Fanpage will be one of the best strategies for any business.