If your website was built before 2014 it is costing your business money! It is 2018, we are in the mobile age but your website isn’t!

Everybody you see is on a mobile device of one size or another which makes having an old website a huge problem for your business! It is causing you to lose all local mobile search traffic to your competitors. In Basically, you are giving away free business to your competitors because you are behind the times.

Through no fault of your own technology advances at a fast rate that is hard to keep up with. Besides, You are not a web developer so why would you keep up with web developer stuff when you have your own business to run, right?

Now you know that your current website is costing your business money! You need to decide if you want to continue standing by as all of the mobile search traffic goes to your competitors or you want to get back in the game and start capturing mobile search customers and increase your business.

In 2018, In Google’s eyes, you have a “closed for business sign” on the front of your website!

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