Print Directories are dead. In my office the local print directory has not been opened in months. It sits next to the photo of my family. At 5ft. 7″ tall I sometimes use it as a step ladder.

Most medium to small offline businesses know this and many are looking for an Internet Website presence but, they have no idea who and where to look for in website design and much less SEO for local website traffic.

If you are looking for more local website traffic to your website or someone else’s site here are some tips to help you succeed with local SEO.

1. You will need a profile or about us page. Be sure to upload and add a photo of yourself, it’s important that it is of good quality. People want to know who and where you come from.

2. Optimize these pages with your Local Business name and or physical address. “Paul’s Plumbing in your town” should be in the title, and sprinkled throughout your content.

3. Add your phone number, address and a legitimate email address. These should be on all your web-pages. It is easier to do if you are using a blog platform such as WordPress or blogger platform.

4. What is your potential customer looking for? Do your best to search as if you were looking for your own services or goods.

5. Offer good quality unique information, no one wants more of the same thing. Your business website should be unique and provide what people are looking for.

6. Add your site to Google’s local map services and Google’s Local Business Center. The cost for this is zero (just Google them). Yahoo also has a local business center.

7. Use keyword research to get razor targeted local traffic. You do not need fancy over-priced keyword research tools. Use Google’s own keyword research tool, again this tool is free and you can find it by…yes, Googling it!

8. Don’t just use your city name for keywords. Case in Point: there are numerous other cities, and towns all around New York City. Use these keyword names in your content and in your title page.

9. Use regional places such as Southwest and Northeastern you’ll be surprised how many people search for “Plumbers in the Southwest Dallas area”.

10. The single most important thing is content. Do not copy or use content other than your own. You can always outsource or pay someone to do your website content.

There you have it more website traffic with great local SEO tips.