Why should you be concerned with SEO? People in business are probably asking themselves the same questions. I don’t mean to scare you but it is vital to your business. I don’t say this because I work in the field, I say that because our way of gathering information from advertising is changing more day by day.

Ok so you read that and are wondering what information do you have to back that up. Glad you asked. Lets take a look at your average Joe working at an office. We have all had this situation happen, we are working away and then start thinking of the things we got to do later. The thought crosses your mind, that you have to find a nice Karate school for little Timmy. So you look over your shoulder and see that your boss is sleeping in his office, so you decide to put that mindless report down and take a look at what kind of plumber you can find on Google.


You type in a query for the problem you are trying to solve. You conduct your search and find a listing of 10 places that do what you need fixed. You write down the first 5 businesses and decide to call them after work. Then your boss falls out of the chair and wakes up, so you switch back over to the mind numbing report you were on 5 minutes earlier.

That example might be pushing the limits on what really happens but it is pretty close to something that you have done. There are thousands of searches done like this everyday at work. We usually only go with the first couple sites and then change our search query to find something else.

Now being a local business you can see the importance of being ranked high in the search engines. A lot of people don’t actually use the Yellow Pages anymore. Think of your own search habits, how often do you use your Yellow Pages? What is it that you do to find information, conduct a search on Google or search for the Yellow Pages?

The main reason local seo is important to your business is that people are trying to find you, not the other way around. Unlike TV or Radio where you tune out the commercials, these people actually have their wallets open with the phone in their hand looking for you.