Rapid Advancement of Mobile Technology Provides Huge Income Opportunity for Motivated Individuals Not So Great For Behind The Times Web Site Owners

TH Web Consulting is looking for independent and hungry sales & lead consultants to grow our Web Design & Development Agency in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota. We offer Web Design & Development Services and Consulting for small to medium sized businesses across many niches & industries. We are “start up” friendly and have 18 years of experience helping businesses launch a new website online. We take great pride in their growth and future success.
Right now with the rapid advancement of mobile technology at such a fast rate there is a huge opportuntity for you to make money in the mobile responsive /mobile friendly website market. Everywhere you look online on your smartphone or tablet you still find websites that have not caught up to mobile technology. They still have old, outdated websites that look terrible and very hard to navigate on a phone or tablet, or the site is way to small to read and you need to zoom in and scroll side to side.
Little do these website owners know that their website and online sales are in freefall because Google is listing “mobile friendly websites” first in the search results before any non-mobile friendly websites. Their website traffic is dying off everyday that goes by. and they are being left behind like the yellow pages.
It does not have to be that way…You can help save their business from failing by upgrading their current website to a mobile reponsive (mobile friendly) website framework.
This is a no brainer for a business owner serious about reaching their target market and keeping their business alive.

We are looking for 3-5 people to start immediately! No experience neccessary if you are willing to learn.

What we are looking for…

Primary Duties: We are looking for someone who is comfortable reaching out to businesses through calls/texts/emails, or face to face for local businesses in your immediate area.

To start out your duties would be to generate leads and set them up for a one on one appoinment with our sales manager (If the business is not local we can reach out via skype/google hangouts). These will be either by phone or in person if they are local.

We are a full service web development agency and have a full menu of add on and independent services that can increase your commissions on each project. (Exp: ecommerce sites, organic and local seo (search engine optimization), website security & maintenance, social media marketing, video marketing, brand development, graphic and print design services.) So you are not limited by how much you can earn!

We are looking for consultants that can generate leads and eventually sell a minimum 1-3 projects per week after a short learning curve. If you can sell more GREAT!

You will start out at 20% commission for every project that sells. Average Commissions on a Mobile Re-Design is $500 per site

When you respond…Feel free to attach a resume if you have one or convince us why we should choose you?

If not local to Minnesota let us know, as long as you are in the USA, have Skype, a smartphone, and email we would like to talk to you. We have clients scattered across the United States.

Please Contact us Today and Start Tomorrow! >> I Wanna Make $$$!!! <<